Summer Stage Festival 2021 in Basel in the park in the countryside

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Bonnie Tyler, Summerstage Festival 2021 © Tina Korhonen/
Bonnie Tyler, Summerstage Festival 2021 © Tina Korhonen/
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The Summerstage Festival will take place in 2021 from 25 to 26 June in the Park im Grünen. The tenth edition of the festival presents international and national musical delicacies of the special class in Basel in the beautiful Park im Grünen.

Two Legends / One Summer Night
Bonnie Tyler / Chris Norman
Performing under the expressive slogan are: Bonnie Tyler and Chris Norman(Ex-Smokie)! and provide with the double concert for a summer night full of hits across the 70s and 80s. Ballad queen Bonnie Tyler sweeps energetically across the stage, has songs from her album 'Between the Earth and the Stars' and of course her biggest hits like 'It's a Heartache' or 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' in the program. She rocks in top form and shows that her music is timelessly good." Her equal: Chris Norman. "In best-of mode, he plays one Smokie hit after another. Mixed into the setlist are solo pieces like 'Midnight Lady' or 'Stumblin' In' alongside 'Lay Back in the Arms of Someone', 'If you Think you know how to love me' and 'Living next Door to Alice' ".Tyler and Norman belong to the generation of artists for whom it is still a great pleasure to perform live on stage. With their concerts full of hits, these legends guarantee an unforgettable summer night.
25 June 2021

Patent Ochsner / Kunz / Stiller Has
The ox universe is as colourful as ever. Emotional, aloof, exuberant, imaginative, but never cool. There is cheeky quotation, juggling with images, words and sounds, there is a mixture of styles that sometimes makes you think you are on a little trip around the world.
Büne Huber is a creative power plant that runs and runs. With occasional breakdowns. Huber makes no secret of these, but songs. Huber combines depth with exuberance and joie de vivre. This sounds unashamedly fresh and playful live and makes Patent Ochsner the most popular band in Switzerland.
With his band, now also including horns and a pianist, KUNZ will take all fans on an energetic and colourful journey far away from the mundane. Because when the band is on stage, they fill every room with people and their hearts in turn with a lot of joy and irrepressible energy. There's dancing, singing and dreaming, not a dry ear is left behind, not a foot in the shoe, because standing still is definitely somewhere else.
When the crows shit on the car and love has gone south, when the boy scouts are already in the front yard and the beautiful moments only last a split second, then it's time for the rabbit to hook again.
Endo ages with philosophical greatness on "Pfadfinder", the 12th studio album by Stiller Has, and surrounds himself with a new musical garment, so that those who have not yet listened to his wise words may finally hear him. In dark as well as good times, we need someone like him to guide us through the existentialist swamps of the present. And when at the end he plays the trumpet "füdliblutt" on the roof and says succinctly: "Es chönnti Kunscht si u nid nume Krach", we definitely know that the hare has not yet forgotten how to hop.
26 June 2021

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