Polyfon Festival Basel 2021: Versatile music to discover under the open sky and in the neighbouring clubs.

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Dengue Dengue Dengue © Hilda Melissa Holguin
Dengue Dengue Dengue © Hilda Melissa Holguin
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Polyfon is a meeting place for lovers of current and surprising music from Switzerland and around the world. Different ways of seeing and listening meet here - in a summer atmosphere on the festival grounds and with a club feeling at the neighbours Parterre One, Renée and Kaserne Basel.
The musical spectrum is broad and adds to the list of one's own musical preferences. Like the polyphonic project Transmitting Voices, in which Algerian and Swiss musicians create a new joint listening experience from their individual perspectives. For 3 days, the festival area with Marketplace in the middle of Kasernenplatz in Kleinbasel invites you to settle in. With a secluded, sustainably built wooden stage and with stands of neighbourhood businesses and initiatives that want to make a difference. Bands in a summer mood and participatory formats at the Explore Events will awaken the desire to discover.

A new listening experience from different voices, backgrounds and passions - In Transmitting Voices, Algerian and Swiss musicians spend a year together creating new sounds for the next Polyfon. Sounds, ideas and inspirations will first come together in a digital forum before the artists meet live in 2021 and explore the Algerian music scene together. What will emerge from this is open - but one thing is clear: at Polyfon 2021 the voices will come together and take us with them on their journey of discovery.
Alyona Alyona
will knock our socks off with her superpowers. Called "one of the most important artists to come out of Europe in 2019" by the New York Times, the rapper uses the posing and mackery of the scene for all it's worth - just the way she wants it - with stories of her suburban Ukrainian life, pompous femininity, lots of neon and tracksuits and fun with her own language.
With Floating Points you stride sublimely enthusiastic like on a walk through nature, until it suddenly turns into a club where the basslines drive you to dance. In between, the machines themselves seem to take control again and again, speaking their own language of signals. The neuroscientist and trained pianist Sam Shephard creates whole rooms full of complex moods with his playing with the synths, which virtually bring you into a rush of sensation that lingers on for a long time.
Gentle and just too mystical Kikagaku Moyo seduce with Indian Sitar sounds, catchy guitars, drum lutes and with a lovely voice whose words get stuck in the mist. Already immersed in the spheres of their own consciousness, the five musicians from Tokyo suddenly race off, drifting and exerting themselves on their instruments, which directly leads to physical reactions in the listeners. Everything is enveloped by the musical "geometric patterns", as the band's name translates - retinas and eardrums will be flickering in their rhythms for a while.
With the Viagra Boys you really get fun staggering, drinking canned beer and stomping around. Because the Swedes get into a snotty excess on stage, but one with character. The post-punk band of trained jazz musicians, hardcore nerds and karaoke-singing tattoo artists combine inventive songwriting with hypnotic grooves and jazzy interludes. Their name alone reveals a lot about their humour, with which they make elitist people who take themselves too seriously turn pale and make everyone else go wild.
Euphoric as if in a fever with a burst of energy, cumbia rhythms and creole sounds together with electronic basses whirl the audience across the dance floor - Dengue Dengue Dengue infect body and soul. The mythological masks and the shapes and colors make their show a full-body hypnotic tropical experience: hot, dense and colorful.
August 12-14, 2021

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