Newly renovated and expanded: the Sigmund Freud Museum

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Waiting Room of Freud's Practice © Hertha Hurnaus/Sigmund Freud Privatstiftung
Waiting Room of Freud's Practice © Hertha Hurnaus/Sigmund Freud Privatstiftung
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Vienna IX, Berggasse 19. Sigmund Freud lived at this address for 47 years before he had to flee from the National Socialists in 1938. This place is known worldwide as the birthplace of psychoanalysis - from here Freud changed the human self-image with his new science.
In 2020, the Simund Freud Museum reopened its doors after extensive renovation and expansion measures: for the first time, all of the family's private rooms are accessible, and new permanent exhibitions bring the development of psychoanalysis, the Freuds' family life and the history of the house to life.
In the mezzanine of the house, both the entrance to the private flat and the opposite door to Freud's ordination are open. The information level is linked to the history of the rooms: Freud's treatment room, for example, focuses on the practice of psychoanalysis The private rooms are dedicated to Freud's life as a family father and his career as a doctor. Objects such as hospital documents and medical instruments, but also gifts to his later wife Martha, provide information about family life. The interpretation of dreams is the focus of the bedroom - listening stations there enable visitors to encounter Sigmund Freud's dreams. Original furniture is displayed in the private rooms for the first time: for example, a chest of drawers on permanent loan from the Freud Museum London forms part of the original historical ensemble in the "Gentlemen's Room" together with the matching marquetry table.
Freud had his surgery on the mezzanine floor of the house from 1896 to 1908. Now the permanent exhibition "Hidden Thoughts of a Visual Nature" can be seen there - a presentation of selected works from the Sigmund Freud Museum's conceptual art collection with works by Franz West, Joseph Kosuth, Susan Hiller and others.
The museum's popular shop awaits visitors in the newly refurbished foyer. During the summer months, visitors can conclude their visit in the museum's inner courtyard - the museum café offers a garden setting to linger in the historic ambience of the house at Berggasse 19.

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