Münster & Münsterland: E-Bike & Enjoy

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Münster Cathedral Square © Dagmar Schwelle
Münster Cathedral Square © Dagmar Schwelle
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A blue hour on the Prinzipalmarkt in Münster, over 200 kilometres by e-bike through MünsterLand and almost a dozen castles and palaces - in 96 hours. Enjoy your MünsterLandMoment.Enjoy Münster and MünsterLand - your e-bike will take you into the city and along the southern course of the 100 castles route through the Münsterland park landscape.

Day 1
Discover Münster

The bicycle-friendly city of Münster awaits you and your bike. Cyclists experience top infrastructure here - including bike washing facilities! Take a look around: The great shopping streets, gastronomy concepts and squares invite you to linger. Our tip: In the 1648 Café | Lounge you have a unique view over the city and can perhaps already identify the destinations for the next few days. A visit to the Peace Hall in the Historic Town Hall, awarded the European Heritage Label, is also not to be missed. Just around the corner you will find souvenirs for the whole family at Münster Souvenirs. The Prinzipalmarkt is fantastically beautiful.

Day 2
100 Castles Route to Lüdinghausen (80 kilometres)

Today you start your tour on your bike on the 100 Castles Route. The great thing is that you can rent bikes or e-bikes at many different locations in Münster and MünsterLand. Maybe you'll do as the people of Münster do and stop by the weekly market in Münster first? You won't regret this detour - and you're sure to get some fresh fruit in your panniers for the road. Now the route continues via Haus Rüschhaus with a view of the beautiful park (Haus Rüschhaus is currently closed, but the park can be visited) and past Haus Vögeding to Hülshoff Castle. That's right: the poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff was born here. Enjoy the museum, park and picnic - you can book a basket of local delicacies here in advance if you wish! Strengthened, the cycle tour continues: around Havixbeck (fancy a visit to the Baumberg Sandstone Museum?) and Billerbeck (be sure to visit Billerbeck Cathedral!) it is beautiful. Take a break on the roof terrace of the Hotel Weissenburg: refined hospitality in a beautiful landscape! Afterwards you might head for the Kolvenburg - via Nottuln you will then reach Senden Castle. After all that cycling, check into the Steverbett Hotel in Lüdinghausen, perfectly situated between three castles and the ideal starting point for the rest of the tour. Alternatively, check into Hotel No. 11 in the centre of Lüdinghausen. Practical: The hotel is a member of the ADFC "Bed + Bike" and is well equipped for cyclists.

Day 3
100 Castles Route to Ascheberg (75 kilometres)

Continue on the 100 Castles Route from Lüdinghausen to Ascheberg - with exciting stops, of course! Take a look at the picturesquely situated Vischering Castle from the inside. Lüdinghausen Castle and Nordkirchen Castle (sensational park!) as well as Westerwinkel Castle with its park and the moated castle Haus Venne (outside visit only) are also absolutely worth seeing.
Insider tip: Lüdinghausen Castle is currently closed, but guided tours are offered every first Sunday of the month by the Friends of the Castle (registration by email: [email protected]). Rest after cycling? At the Hotel Clemens August in Ascheberg you might want to use the in-house sauna to relax. Fortify yourself with the Clemens August country cuisine - hearty snacks, filling classics and fresh hospitality await hungry cyclists.

Day 4
100-Castles Route back to Münster (55 kilometres)

55 kilometres are on the saddle again today: past lush meadows, beautiful hilly landscapes and of course castles and palaces! Say hello to the Davensberg castle tower, wave hello to Haus Byink and take a look at Haus Romberg and Haus Bisping. By the way, how about a detour to one of the most popular ice cream parlours in NRW? The Eisvogel in Sendenhorst was awarded a prize by the renowned Falstaff team in 2020. Now it's on past Haus Brückhausen to a visit to the Gerbermann grain distillery in Everswinkel. The glass distillery is an exciting destination. On the way back to Münster you pass the Drostenhof Wolbeck - a real eye-catcher. Back in Münster, a visit to the Mühlenhof open-air museum is also worthwhile. Experience how people in MünsterLand used to live, live and work. From here it is not far back to the Parkhotel Hohenfeld, where you can once again stretch your tired bones. Wonderful, a real MünsterLand moment!

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