The Sudeten German Museum: HEIMAT

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Sudeten German Museum © Sudeten German Museum
Sudeten German Museum © Sudeten German Museum
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1100 years of history and cultural history in the first central museum of the Sudeten Germans. 1200 square metres, 5 levels and perhaps the most beautiful view of Munich.

The Sudeten German Museum is the central museum of the German-speaking population in the Czech lands. Its permanent exhibition spans 1100 years of history, art and culture, represented in authentic objects from its collections, on an exhibition area of 1200 square metres.
Under the guiding concept of "Heimat", the Sudeten German Museum tells of the life of the Germans in Bohemia, Moravia and Sudeten Silesia, today's Czech Republic. The section "Heimat!" conveys an idea of the landscape and its inhabitants in interaction with the cultural, religious and economic world of life before 1945. Under the title "The End of the Self-Evident", the exhibition follows the political and social developments of the 19th century up to the catastrophe of war and expulsion in the 20th century. "Homeland?", now with a question mark, depicts the arduous new beginning and integration of the Sudeten Germans in the West.
For centuries, the homeland of the Sudeten Germans in Bohemia, Moravia and Sudeten Silesia was characterised by the coexistence of three peoples - the Germans, the Czechs and the Jews. The Sudeten German Museum illuminates this common homeland in its various facets. The result is a picture of an exemplary cultural landscape of pan-European significance.
The Sudeten German Museum conveys scientific results in a vivid and generally understandable way. With its modern design incorporating the use of media and its architecturally outstanding museum building, it sets accents far beyond the Bavarian capital of Munich.

Sudetendeutsches Museum
Hochstraße 10, 81669 Munich
Free admission until 31 July 2021!

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